[Dshield] A Little Humor To Lighten Things Up

ALEPH0 aleph0 at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 11 20:04:08 GMT 2002

Well, attacking infected systems seems like the responsible advice for an
ISP to give to its customers.  LOL.  If I am interpretting this right, the
ISP was running their DNS on Windows IIS servers.  Equally wonderful.  Of
course, there are also people out there running enterprise servers (apache
web, wu-ftp, ...) on their corporate firewalls.  Too many people got a
license to drive on the information superhighway way too fast and they all
think they are great drivers.

"During a DOS caused by a Nimda infection on a net-neighboring
server farm that also used my ISP, a support rep at the ISP's contract call
center in Newfoundland told me that I should  download "WinKiller" and
attack the infected systems. When I declined this option, he told me that it
was actually the ISP's DNS servers attacking me and that he needed to get
off the phone to resolve the issue."

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