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SimonMagus SimonMagus72 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 02:46:51 GMT 2002

   I am new here, only recently came across DShield's site. So far I keep checking on a regular basis since I actually find it to be quite a userful site on security. My biggest gripe about these security sites and other online security tools has been an almost complete lack of centralisation where 'we the computing public' who are apparently only important to the security experts as means to develop and foist more and more security bells and whistles ( like what good does this online tool located here: http://security1.norton.com/ssc/vr_main.asp?langid=us&venid=sym&plfid=22&pkj=VEOLZOGIJPUVGCWETOM  after it does its scan? It essentially does nothing - as far as I can tell, on the surface that would first help the average user in the fight against the increasingly annoying ( as well as destructive among other things ) malicious internet interlopers.
  I like that you can submit your logs here on Dshield and be able to compare/check the hits on your personal system against a centralised database. And my suggestion to Dshield's moderator ( if there is one around here? ) is to provide a way that us non-corporate types are doing in our battle against the rising tides. :-) 
   The ease with which I can now do the hits comparisons makes it so much easier for me to now send detailed intrusion attempts that, apart from the auto-response replies, it actually feels good when you personally receive a reply such as the following ....


Thank you for your report of an AUP violation.  

We have identified the offending computer and will take appropriate action(s).

Please contact us again if you have questions or if you wish to report other instances of abuse by Shaw Internet customers.

Our AUP can be located at https://secure.shaw.ca/policy/Use-Policy.asp for reference.

Acceptable Use Policy Management Team 
Shaw High-Speed Internet Service 
Shaw Cablesystems G.P. 
Suite 1100, 630 - 3rd Avenue S.W. 
Calgary, Alberta T2P 4L4 
Telephone: (403)750-7420 
Facsimile: (403)234-6280 
<mailto:internet.abuse at sjrb.ca>(jkl) 


Please include all previous correspondence when replying 

  -----Original Message-----
  From: Simon Magus [mailto:SimonMagus72 at hotmail.com]
  Sent: August 14, 2002 5:25 PM
  To: abuse at shaw.ca
  Subject: Distributed Intrusion Detection

        IP Address: 
        HostName: h24-78-110-145.vs.shawcable.net 
        Profile: Country: CA 
              Contact E-mail: abuse_AT_shaw.ca (bounced) 
              Total Records against IP:  316 
              Number of targets:  83 
              Date Range: 2002-08-13 to 2002-08-14 
        Ports Attacked (up to 10): Port Attacks 
              80 131 

   In spite of the fact that it actually means, for me personally, another 1 down ... thousands or millions more to yet be identified and then suffocated with restrictions up the ying-yang!
  Impressed with the work being done here at Dshield.
  Now how about giving the non-corporate type a chance to toot your horn enough that it intiates a radically different way of addressing the issue of rampant internet abuse and make it fun for everyone again ... especially those who see and use technology for its positive utilitarianism ( at the risk of sounding like a dreamer! ). There has to be a process in place to centrally identify the originating sources before any form of triangulation can be implemented, no?

> One feature I'd really like to see is when I look at the list of my recent
> submissions is to see which IP's have had a fightback submission sent to
> them and possibly when.  I don't care if it was sent on my behalf or someone
> else's.  I just want to know if the ISP (or whoever) has already been
> notified via DShield.



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