[Dshield] Honeypots for XP; Thanks Talisker and Tom Liston!!

andy andy at a-jones.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 21 19:20:51 GMT 2002

Many thanks Talisker for all this information. I am new to this sort of
thing and not very technical, but I would like to learn.
Also a big thank you to Tom Liston !! Now I`ll try and get it to work.

One further question if I may, Johannes why do all your messages come
through as blank with attachments ? I really don`t like opening attachments

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> Andy
> > Hello, I`m quite new to this list and I`d like to ask a question if I
> > Are there any of these "Honeypot" programs  (like LaBrea) that will run
> > Windows XP ?
> Whilst not identical to LaBrea Tarpit the Specter Honeypot runs on XP
> http://www.specter.com/default50.htm
> I also have some salient details on a load of others at
> http://www.networkintrusion.co.uk/honeypots.htm but I don't know whether
> of the other windoze honeypots run on XP:  the others include
> BackOfficer Friendly
> Deception Toolkit
> Mantrap
> Spectre
> Bigeye
> HoneyD
> NetFacade
> Tiny Honeypot
> LaBrea Tarpit
> Smoke Detector
> If you know of anymore please let me know,
> There is also a SecurityFocus / Symantec mailing list dedicated to
> which may be of interest.
>  honeypots-subscribe at securityfocus.com
> IMHO one of the best places to go for Honeypot info is
> http://www.honeynet.org/ with a good white paper at
> http://www.honeynet.org/papers/virtual/
> Hope this helps
> take care
> -andy
> Taliskers Network Security Tools
> http://www.networkintrusion.co.uk

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