[Dshield] it totally figures

Ellen Clary ellen at dgi.com
Fri Aug 23 23:41:39 GMT 2002

Someone at my work just told my that his 70 year old grandmother signed up for
Astound DSL.  After some time (not long) she got a notice from the abuse desk
that she was downloading video (or something else really large), and using up
lots of bandwidth.  This wasn't her doing, so my coworker (who's quite
competent) installed Zone Alarm on the system.  Apparently (keep in mind this
is secondhand) some tech support person at Astound told her not to use a
firewall as they only cause "problems."

Argh.  Can you believe it?  You'd think with the economic downturn that the
less than competent tech support folks would have found other lines of work (or
no work).

Ellen Clary
Senior System Administrator
Dynamic Graphics

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