[Dshield] it totally figures

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    I don't find this unusual.

Fortunately we don't have to put up with less than competent ISP staff, as
there are more than enough ISPs to choose from. If an ISP fails to have a
strong customer focus these days, then they will simply go out of business.
I can't urge people enough to take a stand and tell their ISP were to go if
they fail to deliver a quality service. Employers need to focus less on the
MCSE credentials and the like, and focus more on practical skills, as these
days most courses are conducted in such a manner as to teach people to pass
the exam rather than teaching them real-world skills. Don't get me wrong; I
think attending these courses is worthwhile; however, I do believe that most
employers place far too much emphasis on the credentials rather than the
actual skills.

"That's my two cents worth"


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> Someone at my work just told my that his 70 year old grandmother signed up
> Astound DSL.  After some time (not long) she got a notice from the abuse
> that she was downloading video (or something else really large), and using
> lots of bandwidth.  This wasn't her doing, so my coworker (who's quite
> competent) installed Zone Alarm on the system.  Apparently (keep in mind
> is secondhand) some tech support person at Astound told her not to use a
> firewall as they only cause "problems."
> Argh.  Can you believe it?  You'd think with the economic downturn that
> less than competent tech support folks would have found other lines of
work (or
> no work).
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