[Dshield] RE: Proof of hacker?

Thompson, John J ThompsonJJ at mail.medicine.uiowa.edu
Tue Aug 27 16:42:08 GMT 2002

<<I do remember getting something fwd from a known friend and noticed there
email address had changed to HEYYOU something. I clicked on it and opened
it. When I wrote my friend back they couldn't remember sending me anything.

That was most likely the problem. I bet you installed a Trojan on your own
system via that attachment. No attachments on the net are worth the 10
seconds of laughs with the weeks of agony if you Trojan yourself. Disable
zone alarm, Run netstat -s >> ns.txt   and paste the contents of ns.txt to
an email and let us see the results. I bet you have a Trojan port opened
unless you or the intruder has already shut it down. 

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