[Dshield] Anybody saw this? scans on port 179

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Wed Aug 28 12:29:06 GMT 2002

Port 179 appears to be for BGP (Border Gateway Protocol, used by routers
IIRC.)  I haven't seen any indications of such a scan against me in the last
30 days.  I wonder, do you have the IP(s) that are doing the scanning?  Does
it look like one host is doing all the scanning (in a particular "episode"),
or more like a bunch of machines scanning in parallel?

Ed Truitt
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Subject: [Dshield] Anybody saw this? scans on port 179

I got numerous scans on my hole IP range since August 25th on port 179.

I was just wondering because I never had this before.

The scans are not very often but the number of requests is pretty high when
a scan start!

So if someone noticed it or has an idea


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