[Dshield] Unknown.level3.net:80 attempted to attack my husband's pc

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Thu Aug 29 11:55:46 GMT 2002

I am sorry, but I don't think this is "proof" of a hack attempt.  I checked
unknown.level3.net, and it is running an AkamaiGHost web server.  The
"proof" shows a connection to the HTTP (Web server) port (TCP 80).  You were
surfing the net.  I would expect such connections to take place.

I have never explicitly typed in an Akamai web server address, yet my Squid
logs show that I connect to their boxes all the time.  I suspect it has to
do with graphic images or other inline content from their systems being
present on web pages I do visit.  In this regard, your husband's suspicion
that it might be an "ad site" is a reasonable one.

If you really feel that you are being hacked by level3.net's servers, I
would contact their abuse desk (abuse @ level3.net).  They appear to be a
telecom and network provider on an international scale, so if one of their
corporate servers is infected they will want to know about it.  I have
reported problems to them before, and IIRC they are pretty responsive.

But, I'll say it again - this DOES NOT LOOK like a hack attempt to me, based
on the data presented.

Ed Truitt
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> Tonight my hubbies machine was attacked, this was while using
> Opera as the browser, not IE.  Without clicking on any unknown
> links.  The only thing out of the ordinary was that he was going
> to a war driving tools site.  I am on the same site, but I have
> nothing, might just be a coincidence.
> The odd thing was that it was attempting to establish a
> connection via Opera's existing connection according to netstat
> and tcpview (being port scanned in the 2500 range).  However,
> cookie management is halfway on, so I guess it couldn't do what
> it needed to do.  So in other words it got past ZoneAlarm PRO, I
> wonder exactly what prevented it from getting connected.  Note,
> we have a h/w firewall as well.
> His defense after an initial confirmation of who it was using
> nslookup was to shutdown.  He has rebooted and they're gone.
> All we have of proof of this is a few text files of netstat &
> tcpview while they were attempting to connect.
> Can anyone shed some light on this.  We're not neophytes, and we
> take prudent measures to secure ourselves - what more can we do.
>  We've got defense in depth, secure pws, don't share, firewalls,
> etc.  Lucky for us we're naturally paranoid so anytime activity
> lights go up, we look to see what is happening.  That was the
> only way he knew something was up.
> Oh and he theorizes the attack could have originated from an ad
> site.  I block ad sites in my cookie manager, he was still in
> the process of setting his up.
> - linlu
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