[Dshield] Netfilter log analysis tools?

Brad Morgan B-Morgan at concentric.net
Thu Aug 29 16:31:14 GMT 2002

I just recently switched my firewall machine from W98, ZoneAlarm-Pro, NAT32
to Linux and iptables.

On W98, I had both VisualZone and ZoneLog installed.  I used the CVTWIN
client to submit my ZoneAlarm logs to DShield.  On Linux, I'm using
dshield.py to submit the iptables log entries but I miss the analysis and
summary capabilities of VisualZone and ZoneLog.

I've searched for similar tools for Linux but have had little success.  Are
there any tools available to analyze or summarize the iptables log entries?
How about tools to do local analysis and summary of the DShield input?

Thanks for your input.


Brad Morgan

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