[Dshield] Update to everyone on hacker

godawgs47 godawgs47 at ellijay.com
Thu Aug 29 20:24:14 GMT 2002

I just got my computer back today. They said that somebody else defintely had control of my computer. They found several strange files that they said they had never seen before. They did not find any ports open. They did trace some of the IP's. One was an advertising server. Some of the IP's you couldn't trace. He said they were definitely using me and my resources to do some type of activity. Some of the IP's were bounced, but yet on my computer. The term he used was that I was a zombie computer. It has been taken care of. I did print out log records before he wiped out the computer. He told me some of these IP's needed to be reported to abuse and showed me which ones. I can't explain any of this, but something happened here. I had files that were dated 1601. Even I picked up that before the computer guy did. THis guy does internet security work for Lockheed so I believe that he knows something about what he is talking about. Also, there was no trojan or virus that showed up.
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