[Dshield] Unknown.level3.net:80 attempted to attack my

L. R. linlu at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 15:49:27 GMT 2002

First off I'd like to thank those who politely explained what
actually happened.  You are right-now that I think about in
hindsight.  It probably was the server sending alot of images,
parts of pages back to him.  He was running TCPView so he saw
many connections in the TIME WAIT state.  Of course it doesn't
help when hubby is panicking about the 'attack' that never was.

So I have learned something new.  I guess I was hooked - line &
sinker into the post by Linda.  Urban legend, yes another way to
distract users of this list into a non existant attack, while
the real stuff isn't getting noticed.

To give more background, we run a cable modem to a router with a
built in simple firewall - mostly just stealth and NATs our PCs
behind it.  We also run ZoneAlarm on our computers.  I run the
Pro edition, he hasn't bought it for that computer yet.  We both
run Opera, I have cookie management turned on, he had it turned
off because it was too hard to deal with the gazillion prompts
that come up for cookie heavy site.  This was my first look at
TCPView, but I've been using it now for several days and now can
read it better - maybe not entirely correctly, but at least well
enough not to start another "Eeek - The Sky Is Falling" post.

So thanks to all who educated me on what really happened, now
please let me go back into my room - red faced and all! :)

linlu :)

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