[Dshield] Software for Symantec SEF (Raptor) and Firewall/VPN Appliance

Matthew Harrell mhar at plex.com
Wed Jul 3 18:38:27 GMT 2002

I, too, would be very interested in SEF support.

Matt Harrell
Plexus Systems
mhar at plex.com

-----  On 7/3/2002 2:31 PM, Wally Hass <whass at networkthinking.com> wrote: 
>I looked and was hoping to find a program to submit for the SEF.  I see I
>can do this manually via cut n paste but looking to automate my clients
>to submit.
>I also support several of the Symantec Firewall VPN appliances.  Has anyone
>worked on a parser for those?  I would imagine I could submit using the
>method as the SonicWall, via e-mail.
>Wally Hass
>Network Thinking Solutions, Inc.
>Main 818.707.7705 - Fax 888-847-8260

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