[Dshield] Delete me from DShield.!

Frank Woodward frwoodwa at shuswap.net
Wed Jul 3 23:34:17 GMT 2002

Hi how do I get desisted from  DShield mailing list?


Johannes Ullrich wrote:

> > : Ladies and gentlemen... I'm very proud to announce...
> > : DShield.py 3.0rc2!
> good news ! Regarding PGP: I just had a look at it and the keys should
> be updating correctly now (give it an hour after making a chance).
> If its not working yet, let me know... the squeeky wheel will get the
> grease. So far, there wasn't all that much demand for pgp signing
> or encrypting. But given that we have now a good client to support it
> this may change.
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