[Dshield] Sub7 / port 27374

Tom Liston tliston at premmag.com
Thu Jul 11 18:19:31 GMT 2002

It appears to be a 63.xx.xx.xx thing.

In checking the network of sites running the LaBrea::Tarpit perl 
module, I found no significant change for anyone other than the two 
that lie in the 63.xx.xx.xx IP range.  Both of them showed a 5x 
higher than "normal" spike.

Looks like someone went after the whole Class A...


On 11 Jul 2002 at 9:44, ALEPH0 wrote:

> Anyone else seeing a dramatic climb in Sub7 attempts?  My hosts on PacBell's
> 63.206 network have been getting hit very hard from disparate hosts since
> 7pm PST last night.  Perhaps a big DoS is being staged.
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