[Dshield] Crossing the Line (was: SQLSnake)

KickerRick kickerrick at kickerrick.servebeer.com
Fri Jul 12 01:35:16 GMT 2002

    What I was doing was using a perl "shutdown" script that was modified by
suggestion (from John I think, but my old HDD died and I lost the message).
This was awesome as it left messages on the desktop of those with Nomda
infected machines via net send.
    Since I lost the original message and forgot the string used, currently
I do a simple net send to the infected machine with links to sites where
they can repair their machines. Usually I have to have a good ping before
the message will go through. Sending Larts to the ISPs may or may not help,
I never had an infected machine myself, but I HAVE seen some repeat IP addys
that had been reported proviously.
    The net send seems effective, never saw a repeat probe from a message
that did make it through.


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> I haven't seen a program that will parse the syslog entries from LaBrea,
> however I strongly recommend the LaBrea::Tarpit PERL module from
> www.bizsystems.net/downloads - not only does it include a program to
> LaBrea output to DShield, but it also includes modules to set up real-time
> displays of the tarpit (see
> http://osiris.etee2k.net/cgi-bin/tarpit/paged_report.plx for an example)
> which allows you to track what is going on using any web browser (which
> by the way, how I discovered the unleashing of SQLsnake - I was showing
> LaBrea to some of my co-workers when the first wave of probes hit.)
> Cheers,
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> > On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 13:05, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
> > >
> > > LaBrea is a great
> > > tool to do this (with DShield reporting of course).
> >
> > Will Dshield parse the syslog entries that LaBrea generates? e.g.:
> [snip]
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