[Dshield] Code Red Aniversary

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Fri Jul 12 20:19:14 GMT 2002

   Well, in case you forgot: Code Red came out on July 13th
last year. I think we should do *something* to 'celebrate'.
Any suggestions?

   I thought about some online chat or such, but can't find
a decent way to do this right now (talkcity used to be good
with admin capability and web as well as irc accesss. But
looks like they are restructuring right now. AIM chat is
another way to do it... not sure how it scales and I don't think
it has any moderator function. I could open up a jabber server,
but I doubt there are a lot of jabber users here.)

   Any ideas? Anything else we should do?

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