[Dshield] "Personal Firewalls" are mostly snake-oil"

Richard Stead richard.stead at bigpond.com
Sun Jul 21 09:01:37 GMT 2002

As rightly stated by Jens Knoell,

    Firewalls are simply one layer of a defence against unwanted intrusions.
The initial statement that "most Firewalls are mostly snake-oil" is
relatively ill-informed and simply not true. For those home users of
ZoneAlarm/Tiny Personal Firewall etc.... I would strongly recommend that you
stick to your guns and ignore such statements. Not only do they provide some
protection but they also provide their logs for our defence and early


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> In view of the above statement taken from Sam Spades site. Are home users
> wasting their time using so called "Personal Firewalls"?.
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