[Dshield] Fw: Announcement (this can't be good)

fkamp@attbi.com fkamp at attbi.com
Mon Jul 22 15:49:28 GMT 2002

Sounds like the same sort of 'sound' business practice that succeeded at
Enron, Worldcom, and @home.  When the base business becomes less
profitable, spend like a sailor to buy out or start other businesses
that can become 'cash' cows to offset the losses of the base business.
That way you don't have to worry about making the base business more
profitable on its own.  Later, when things don't improve, cook the
books, sell off the stock before it craters, and retire leaving the
stockholders holding an empty bag.

That used to work.  Wonder if it will work for Symantec.

Mrcorp wrote:
> The real problem here is that Symantec has purchesed several companies in the last couple of
> weeks.  There stock is down and forcasters arent happy with their moves.  They think symantec is
> biting off more htan it can chew.  Let's hope that securityfocus doesnt get any worse than what it
> is.

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