[Dshield] "Personal Firewalls" are mostly snake-oil"

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Mon Jul 22 23:56:41 GMT 2002

On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 03:12:44PM -0500, Wilson, Jesse (I.T. Dept) wrote:
> Since we're on the subject of "Personal Firewalls",
>   Norton Personal Internet Firewall HTTP Proxy Vulnerability
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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> There is a vulnerability with the way in which the NT kernel based HTTP 
> proxy of NPIF deals with a large amount of data that causes a buffer 
> overflow to occur. The test scenario that @stake used to cause this 
> Exception was as follows:

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For those of you who have always wondered what this "buffer overflow"
deal is all about, may I recommend:

"Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit" by Aleph One



Fairly heavy going, but if you want to know what it's all about,
here's where to start.

- John
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