[Dshield] "Personal Firewalls" are mostly snake-oil?

Mike Burns mike.burns at net-linx.com
Tue Jul 23 22:29:48 GMT 2002

Obviously there is an opportunity for someone here to create a firewall on a
chip that can run at 3.3V and sell it to laptop MB manufacturers.

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In all honesty, I don't see how you can protect a laptop without some kind
of 'personal firewall-ish' device and be practical about it.  Even if I was
in possession of the tiniest NetScreen (which more or less fits in my
palmprint) there's no way I'd carry it around and expect to be able to build
my own personal ethernet topology everywhere I went.

So in the case of the roving user requiring protection, the "P.F." is
probably the best you're going to get, unless I'm missing something.
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