[Dshield] "Personal Firewalls" are mostly snake-oil?

Daniels566@cs.com Daniels566 at cs.com
Wed Jul 24 00:05:50 GMT 2002

Between the darn virus (the human variety), my wife and backloads of stuff I 
haven't followed the threads lately. This one has to be the longest one yet. 
It's beginning to take on the appearance of double digit inflation. I'll bet 
the adversaries are getting quite a good chuckle out of this. I own a 91 
Dodge Van and it is topping 160,000 mi.
Done nothing major to it, but it still runs like a charm. It could be because 
I was staying on top with the maintenance and all the preventive stuff. I 
would think the same would apply to all machines. I don't read labels or 
ingredients, if it's tried and tested, Im interested in the results. I think 
all the points are valid it's the user in the end that makes the choices. The 
only thing I didn't see is an estimate of what must be sacrificed to get the 
ultimate edge on security.
John Daniels
Warning I'm wrapped in barb wire do not attempt to infiltrate.
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