[Dshield] Administrativa: Personal Firewall discussion

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Wed Jul 24 13:51:15 GMT 2002

   Overall, I very much like the 'Personal Firewall' discussion
going on over the last few days. It is very much on topic. However,
the tone of the post is getting a bit out of hand. There are
certain topics, that make perfect flame bait for any security
discussion. Here some things that will get you 'in trouble'
on most security groups:

- state that Firewall A is better than Firewall B.
- state that Operating System A is more secure than Operating
  System B
- mention the name 'Steve Gibson' in the same sentence with
  any qualitative attribute, positive or negative. Sometimes
  just mentioning the name will suffice.

Please apply the necessary judgment. I don't want to cut this
discussion off or reject posts.


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