[Dshield] Administrativa: Personal Firewall discussion

Gene Bradford geneb at columbus.rr.com
Wed Jul 24 11:43:08 GMT 2002

bravo, Johannes.  i also think we need to keep in mind that ANY piece of 
software -- when properly written, installed, configured and maintained -- is 
just as good as the next piece meeting the same requirements.  at that point 
it's personal taste regardless of publisher or platform.

ah, THE name.  hehe  shouldn't that be banned on ALL discussion groups?  along 
with any other attempts to name drop?  as Dragnet was fond of saying, "Just 
the facts sir, just give me the facts."

thanks for not cutting the discussion off thus far.  it's been fun and quite 
enjoyable arriving at a concensus.


> Here some things that will get you 'in trouble'
> on most security groups:
> - state that Firewall A is better than Firewall B.
> - state that Operating System A is more secure than Operating
>   System B
> - mention the name 'Steve Gibson' in the same sentence with
>   any qualitative attribute, positive or negative. Sometimes
>   just mentioning the name will suffice.
> Please apply the necessary judgment. I don't want to cut this
> discussion off or reject posts.

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