[Dshield] Who is responsible?

Mike Burns mike.burns at net-linx.com
Wed Jul 24 18:43:20 GMT 2002

>From: Jan Wildeboer [mailto:jan.wildeboer at gmx.de]
>>In my personal opinion people should use routers that are capable of 
>>handling firewall rules. And they should get those shipped with at least 
>>a basic set of security rules. How sick I am of all those unfiltered 
>>netbios broadcasts ...

Remember that it is not only the ones with routers that are contributing to
the netbios broadcasts and prot scans.  There are a number of dialup users
who have compromised machines.

Who is responsible for controlling the security problems that home users
have?  The manufacturer of the OS?  The ISP of the user?  The device that is
used to connect(router,modem, etc)?  The user theirselves?

A personal firewall seems to be a temporary measure that attempts to
partially correct a problem.  Home users in general need a device as
uncomplicated as a toaster and will never be able to handle 90% of what the
users in this list are capable of.

The toaster:
1. Plug in
2. set darkness
3. Put bread in
4. Push lever
5. get toast when it pops up

If the toaster was a PC firewall it would act more like:

1. plug in (are you sure you want to plug in y/N?)
2. Y  (Do you want me to ask you to plug it in everytimey/N?)
3. N 
4. set darkness ( For slice one please choose a darkness level from 1 to 10)
5. 4 (are you sure?)
6. Y (do you want the bread to catch fire?)
7. N (are you sure ?)
8. N (so you do want a notice when the bread to catchs fire?)
9. N (Right, bread will catch fire at random intervals without prompting



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