[Dshield] Replacement for PGP?

Jonathan G. Lampe jonathan at stdnet.com
Wed Jul 24 20:03:44 GMT 2002

Nah, it's toast...at least the NAI version.  See this...

At 02:15 PM 7/24/2002, you wrote:
>NAI didnt drop PGP.  Check their website for more information.

You can't buy it, NAI are dropping support on the key PGP products within a 
year, and NAI is no longer developing any new products around it except for 
some centralized document mangler ($$$).  NAI "didn't drop" PGP in the 
sense that they still own it (and are looking for a buyer), but NAI's PGP 
itself is now the next Amiga in terms of viable technology.


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