[Dshield] RE: this whole personal firewall debate

Daniels566@cs.com Daniels566 at cs.com
Wed Jul 24 23:38:54 GMT 2002

I see a valid point here. On a dialup there's an Internet option never dial 
on cable I would think it's something like never connect. Most key boards are 
fully automated if  mfg. is exe. Usually when OS software is installed it 
executes itself, so Internet settings are always open. gillions and gillions 
of  software, active scripts Java scripts and active X's are loaded on hard 
drives. The sockets are working overtime with hidden files calling home as a 
result. Microsoft is the worse. I've deleted at least 20+ files and DLL's 
that they implanted. Worst yet they were simultaneously uploading through my 
IP connection and network lines. I have no Idea what their retrieving as I 
daily delete all unnecessary MS and I.E. files???? Home user fire walls I 
suppose are designed to be consumer appealing (easy to configure) It's a 
basic yes our no. But when an out going piggybacks what are they going to do 
but ignore it. They have no idea what's going on. Bottom line every PC should 
be packed with a security manual and prior to connecting to Internet your 
given a short quiz. Fail you bail
John Daniels
No fan of the sleuth who made ZA famous
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