[Dshield] Re: "Personal Firewalls" are mostly snake-oil?

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at gmx.de
Thu Jul 25 19:33:28 GMT 2002

IT Department - CI Holding Group, Inc. wrote:

> The point is
> that everyone CAN learn, if they NEED to learn.

100% agree

>  As stated above, 
> software vendors are TRYING to make it all easier on the END USER.  

No. Exactly here is the problem. They are marketing their products as 
plug'n'play solutions - install it and you are secure. Which is wrong. 
The user thinks - Work done. I installed PF XYZ. I dont have to care 
anymore. I dont have to check for updates (gosh, how many people are 
still using insecure, outdated browsers! I think everytime I check my 
logs). It is this false promise that makes the user unwilling to learn.

> Hopefully not compromising the systems along the way (with bug ridden 
> code).

How will the user learn? Will the manufacturer send him mails: Our 
product has bugs, pay $$$ for an update? Will the user update? Will the 
user learn that things might be a bit more complex? The answer is No, 
No, No. And that IS a problem.

>> Let them (the PF-users) die dumb. Let's go back to work.
> Ignorance is bliss.  It is that very elitist attitude that caused other 
> compromising world events.

The ignorance is located at the user running a PF without even thinking 
about the howabouts.

Jan Wildeboer

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