[Dshield] TCP Port 17300 scans increased

Russell Washington russ.washington at vaultsentry.com
Thu Jul 25 20:57:26 GMT 2002

I find these kinds of posts useful as well; having real people respond with
yes/no, as "chatty" as it may be, gives a more meaningful temporal dimension
to these kinds of runs of scan activity than any graph on any website.

Just my two bits (I haven't decided big or little endian yet) :)

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I'm also not sure what the value of reducing questions like this to the 
list is.  I realize that on a list as diverse and open as this, there is 
going to be something to offend everyone.  (Personally, I'd prefer to get a 
possible false early warning of something new than a log posting of another 
SQLSnake or Nimda scan.  Yet, I still think there is some value to those 
posts.)  We've already seen that many people don't care for the discussion 
on personal firewalls.  So, I guess I just don't understand the problem 
with a post like this.

            ---Tim Rushing

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