[Dshield] Multiple Firewall Clarification

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Fri Jul 26 15:30:48 GMT 2002

> I'm starting the process of having my client firewalls to submit to Dshield.
> Should I create separate logins for each client firewall? 

yes. this would allow them to check their logs if they wish to do so.

> I might
> eventually want to allow my clients access to the info, so I'm thinking I
> should go with separate logins for clarifty.  Though I'm concerned I might
> not be doing this correctly.

We are planning in adding a 'user group' feature, that would
allow you as a 'group admin' to check your clients logs, while
each client would only see their own logs. Any interest in beta
testing if I get ever around to working on that?

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