[Dshield] Hard to Read this List Sometimes

Kenton Smith ksmith at chartwelltechnology.com
Fri Jul 26 16:04:30 GMT 2002

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I think Mark Rowlands post to James Slora has got to be one to the most
petty I have seen on this list. All James was asking was that where
possible it would be nice for people to post in plain text. I don't
think that's too much too ask. I receive the Digest format because the
Dshield list is not one of my top priorities for the day, but I am
interested in the information, and I don't want to wade through 20 or 30
different emails. Telling me to unsubscribe from the digest is asking me
to change my behavior in order to make other people's lives easier,
something I think Mark is against.
I am surprised to see a post like this on this list as most people here
(Mark included from what I've seen) don't tend to take things
personally. I hope the high-road prevails and the list doesn't turn into
a series of flame wars. Some may suggest that this message is doing
exactly that, however I couldn't let it go by without a comment.

Kenton Smith

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