[Dshield] Hard to Read this List Sometimes

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at minmail.net
Fri Jul 26 17:50:15 GMT 2002

On Fri July 26 2002 18:04, Kenton Smith wrote:
> *This message was transferred with a trial version of CommuniGate(tm) Pro*
> I think Mark Rowlands post to James Slora has got to be one to the most
> petty I have seen on this list. All James was asking was that where
> possible it would be nice for people to post in plain text.
>  I don't  think that's too much too ask.

On the many lists I am subscribed to, this complaint appears frequently and to 
very little effect. Check the archives, I have previously referred people to 
Greg Lemis' site and yet we still have this problem. 

My point is simple and I am deeply sorry if it causes you offence :-  

you have,  in your own hands, the tools necessary to achieve the effect you 
desire and yet you wish to dictate to other people how they should behave in 
order to achieve your wishes for you. 

I am not requiring nor even requesting that anybody does anything on my 

As to petty, if you make a statement addressed to me in a public forum, that I 
feel is incorrect,  I will respond.

James wrote :

 "I did not say that they CAN'T render HTML."

from James' original mail :-

"   2. There are a huge variety of people on this list, and they do not all
use mail clients that render HTML."

As you see, plain wrong. In addition, more than one person has observed, in a 
puzzled tone, that they do not suffer the same problem as James. This is 
because James neglected to mention that the source of his woes is the digest 
version of Dshield.
So a combination of incomplete information, mendacity and authoritarianism all 
wrapped up in a couple of posts masquerading as a helpful suggestion and you 
have the temerity, nay, the audacity to call me petty. Shame on you.

But don't take it personally ;-)


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