[Dshield] Bouncing traffic off host?

David Sentelle David.Sentelle at cnbcbank.com
Fri Jul 26 18:05:13 GMT 2002

Most Acceptable Use Policies also exclude opening yourself up as a proxy server.  

While I'm here I just wanted to mention this point on the 'Personal Firewall' topic...  I ran the free version of ZoneAlarm from when I first got my cable modem in December of 1997 to present.  For most of that time my PC was directly connected to the 'cable modem' (I wish we'd start calling them cable routers)  leaving nothing but Zone Alarm and a knowledge of how to unbind network clients from the TCP/IP stack protecting my machine.  To my knowledge my system never was compromised.

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What you've got is a webserver acting as a proxy, and it's obviously 
been discovered and "publicized" in some manner and is being used.

Most webservers can be configured to "proxy" requests, meaning that 
you can send it a request for a different URL and it will go and 
fetch the content at that URL and deliver it back to you.  Publicly 
accessible machines SHOULD NOT be set up to proxy.

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