[Dshield] RE: Hard to Read this List Sometimes

Matthew Palmer dshield at tinfoil.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 27 10:20:42 GMT 2002

Dear List,

Over the last few weeks, and especially during the Personal Firewalls and 
Snake Oil debate, this list in digest form has become a nightmare to 
read.  A large number of users are not removing a large amount of 
unrequired quoted text from their submission - typically below their Sig 
line.  In one case the irrelevant quoted text comprised HALF the total text 
of the digest Email!  When trying to read individual messages seperated 
only by: --__--__--; it becomes tiresome finding the next message trying to 
wade through the quoted text.  So a little courtesy please and trim the fat.

HTML is a pointless debate as everyone disagrees and will continue to 
disagree.  I'd also imagine a large number of us don't use Linux/Unix as 
our OS thus HTML stripping is a no-goer.  There is a good reason for 
Windows98SE users to avoid HTML mail though -if I could find a way of 
embedding an image to the path c:\aux\aux.jpg, possibly <IMG 
SRC="file:///c:/aux/aux.jpg>, they'd be kissing their OS goodbye with a BSOD.

Thanks for your time
Matthew Palmer.
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