[Dshield] Requester pop-ups

Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Mon Jul 29 14:54:46 GMT 2002

Well, Ad-aware is very good at removing "vampire apps" that plugs into
IE and will randomly add popup ads to any pages you visit (as well
as quietly report your web usage to the central server).

I'm sorry if I missed the point, apparently, the problem is with IE
warning messages, not popup ads.

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Hello Wayne,

Monday, July 29, 2002, 3:03:42 PM, you wrote:

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WB> It's been a while since I did anything with Ad Aware, but last time I
WB> messed around with it, I don't recall anything that would prevent
WB> pop-ups?  Or am I (again) being dense and missing the point?

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WB> This sounds like a job for *Ad-Aware* ;)

WB> (Free Spyware removal tool for windows
WB> http://www.lavasoft.de/aaw.html)

WB> Good luck,
WB> Stephane

>>> While I am glad dshield is using https for it's web pages, I don't
>>>  like having to answer multiple pop-ups for each page. I
>>> understand  the need for advertising, but is it necessary to link
>>> to external  sites?

JU>> which 'ads' cause the problem? We do not carry any paid 
JU>> advertisement at this point. The only ads are 'friendly banners' 
JU>> e.g. like firewall anlysis software that supports dshield and
WB> some 
JU>> SANS banners (I think right now it is just the bookstore).

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