[Dshield] Requester pop-ups

Robert Tucker rwtucker at houston.rr.com
Mon Jul 29 18:18:21 GMT 2002

What I noticed (and think Dan was referring to) was that upon logging
in, you get two popup requests to confirm display of "unsecure" content.
This happens as the ad and graphic are loaded on each successive page
access.  I'm guessing that they link to the public site and, once
connected via https, constitute a risk that the user can opt to be
warned about.


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> While I am glad dshield is using https for it's web pages, I don't
> having to answer multiple pop-ups for each page. I understand the need
> advertising, but is it necessary to link to external sites?

which 'ads' cause the problem? We do not carry any paid advertisement
at this point. The only ads are 'friendly banners' e.g. like firewall
anlysis software that supports dshield and some SANS banners (I think
right now it is just the bookstore).

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