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Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Tue Jul 30 10:15:44 GMT 2002

Carol, et al.

Yes, of course. Pleasure: PestPatrol from PestPatrol, Inc. at

Please also try Google search with keywords: "PestPatrol +special
+offer" you might find something applicable. (Some examples of results
shown below.)
Best Wishes,

       "Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory."
  Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616) Spanish novelist, dramatist, poet.

<Please find the semi-pruned response above>

(The motive for the information in the PS below is to serve interested
fellow DShielders only.)

PS. One posting on an entire different forum that tells about at least
one aspect involved with PestPatrol:

[SUBJECT:] "Underlying motive for mud-slinging"

[BODY:] "Having glanced an eye over this Web page and having witnessed
the amount of sentiment that has arisen from the existence of one
product the following conclusion is not far: It would appear that
several young individuals are extremely frustrated about the very
existence of this product. It appears evident that there is an obvious,
direct campaign against the existence and use of this program. It seems
that it is important for and in the interest of some individuals that a
bad illusion about the product is signalled to the general public.
Several defamatory opinions seem to originate in the same group and are
expressed redundantly possibly by the same individual(s). What is the
underlying motive for this diligence and campaign?"

[NOM DE PLUME:] "Rough underestimates of fellow readers' intellect"

Good bargains -- from the buyer's viewpoint -- and bundled products'
offers can be found improving the already excellent price/performance.
An acquisition either way -- PestPatrol gives versatile protection for a
minimal investment.

Langa.com LangaList Home Page at http://www.langa.com/

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In cooperation with Fred Langa, we are offering you a special discount
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Get one year of PestPatrol protection for just $24.95! This is a 20%
discount from our normal price.

PestPatrol is the only program that finds and removes all of these types
of non-viral pests: 
Spyware: that forwards your personal information without asking your
Hacker tools: that can hijack control of your machine for nefarious
Key loggers: that can steal your passwords and other confidential
Worms:  that leave hacker tools behind which may exploit your computer
even after they are gone

Via Zone Labs, Inc. at http://www.zonelabs.com

Kill Bugs Your Antivirus Product Doesn't Even Look For

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Peter, can you please tell us what the program is?


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