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Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Wed Jul 31 15:32:45 GMT 2002

Keith, et al.

1) Regarding your and my previous posts (below) please take notice to
that you have to have "ad.uk.tangozebra" (and the respective IP address)
changed to Internet zone (or at least removed from blocked zone) in your
firewall first in order to be able to see the possible Web site cookies
pointing at that DNS or IP address.
2) Please also block cookies (at least those pointing at
"ad.uk.tangozebra") in your browser. That way IE will show you the
existence of the cookies. (And you will see the details by double
clicking the symbol for "Security Report" [or what ever it is called in
the English language version of IE] at the bottom frame of IE window),
there you should see reference to http://ad.uk.tangozebra/....
Best Regards,

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| Keith, et al.
| Could you please check if the following could be the cause or rather
explanation to of the
| phenomenon you're encountering.
| 1) On the page where your browser takes you when you launch it are
there Web site cookies
| that point at "ad.uk.tangozebra"?
| 2) If so, then by having "ad.uk.tangozebra" in the restricted or
blocked zone you ask your firewall
| not to allow connections to that address. Hence your browser blocks IE
from connecting to that
| particular DNS or IP address.
| 3) Because of the "ad.uk.tangozebra hit ZAPro numerous times with
scans which ZA rejected. In
| view of the number of scans I put the entire ISP space (Intellispace
Inc) into ZA blocked zone."
| in your original post "adware" might have been the number one suspect.
Now I would say it was
| coincidence or just indirectly related to the issue.
| 4) With the information you gave in your latest post (below) I would
suggest the explanation for
| the phenomenon is as described in point (2) (above) providing your
answer is "Yes" for point (1).
| 5) If the deduction would prove to be true, then there is in my
opinion nothing to worry about and
| you can remove "ad.uk.tangozebra" from the blocked zone. Or change
"ad.uk.tangozebra" to
| Internet zone giving the same effect and having an option to block it
quickly again if it would be
| required for some reason (which is unlikely in my opinion).
| 6) Would be happy to know your final conclusion. Thanks in advance and
good luck.
| Best Wishes,
| Peter
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| | Well I`ve tried all suggestions without success. Even spybotS&D
| | find anything. A search of the Registry doesn`t show any obvious
spyware so
| | I`m stumped. Any more ideas?.
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| | Keith G
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