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Roger Shady RShady at stny.rr.com
Wed Jul 31 17:49:08 GMT 2002

Have you tried a Google search for Tangozebra?  As much as I dispise DoubleClick, here is how they describe


Good Luck

Keith G wrote:

> Hi All,
> Hope someone can help a home user with a problem. ad.uk.tangozebra hit ZAPro
> numerous times with scans which ZA rejected. In view of the number of scans
> I put the entire ISP space (Intellispace Inc) into ZA blocked zone. However
> since then when I connect and fire up IE5.5sp2, I get an ACCESS warning
> "Your computer was prevented from connecting to a restricted site
> (" Direction: Outgoing (connect).
> The program is shown as Internet Explorer.
> I therefore denied access to all programs except IE and Nav. On reconnecting
> I still got the ACCESS warning message. I understand "tangozebra" makes use
> of the doubleclick cookie, I have run Adaware with the lastest sig file, but
> found nothing. I also use Cookiewall, which automatically deletes
> doubleclick if received when online. Nav virus check found nothing, as did
> Swatit a trojan+bot finder.
> I have cleaned out the browser history file and temp internet files. I have
> looked in the cookies folder but can`t find any references to tangozebra or
> doubleclick. I am at a loss as to what to do next.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> PS I am not too computer literate, so if I need to delve into the mysteries
> of the Registry, I would need step by step instructions.
> Keith G
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