[RE: Re[2]: [Dshield] Requester pop-ups]

Andy Stevko andy.stevko at usa.net
Wed Jul 31 21:45:26 GMT 2002

I've seen quite a few responses for this problem statement but there could be
a simple answer to this situation.

IE has the annoying habit of showing multiple popup windows for 'insecure
content on a secure web page' type of message when IE is about to display 
internal error pages (which are technically non-secure). This particular
problem is most apparent when a https frameset has a bad image or a slow

Perhaps an experiment using the non-secure method would be prudent.

"Wayne Beckham" <wbeckham at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> While I am glad dshield is using https for it's web pages, I don't
>>  like having to answer multiple pop-ups for each page. I
>> understand  the need for advertising, but is it necessary to link
>> to external  sites?

JU> which 'ads' cause the problem? We do not carry any paid 
JU> advertisement at this point. The only ads are 'friendly banners' 
JU> e.g. like firewall anlysis software that supports dshield and
JU> SANS banners (I think right now it is just the bookstore).

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