[Dshield] reporting to BT is a waste of time

Frank Rizzo frankrizzocalled at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 14 09:36:22 GMT 2002

For weeks I have had this lil' ba$tard trying to crack my members area. He's 
slipping up a few times because the x-forwarded-for is giving away his IP 
address (I sometimes see his client_ip address as btinternet too).

So everytime there is an attack I send to abuse at btinternet.com or bt.net 
whichever the whois tells me too.

Each time I get a stupid autoreply saying blah blah blah. So what do I do on 
each new attack? I cant respond to the autoresponder so I send a new message 
and get more autoresponders.

This goes on and on and I still get hit by a btinternet customer.

I call their support line but the droid won't give me a name, a number, or 
an address to make an official complaint.

What do you do guys?

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