[Dshield] Re: reporting to BT is a waste of time

Frank Rizzo frankrizzocalled at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 16 14:45:28 GMT 2002

>>Block the proxy. Whether you do this at the firewall, or at the local 
>>machine via ipfilter, ipchains, iptables, whatever, just block it>>

But there are hundreds and hundreds of them. The tools he uses has a list of 
proxies that submit 100,000 user/password combos from 100's of different 
proxies 5 at a time.

>>Are you reporting the appropriate information? ...... time with timezone, 
>>src and destination, a packet dump is nice too. Are you sure it is 
>>actually an attack?>>

Certainly. I am sending the log files as this is what they ask for.  100,000 
401 errors every hour or so certainy looks like an attack to me!

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