[Dshield] Re: does blocking in .htaccess slow server down

Frank Rizzo frankrizzocalled at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 16 14:48:25 GMT 2002

>>Yes it will, as all the time all entries need to be parsed. Of course with 
>>a iptables approach this is also true, but iptables is rather direct on 
>>the kernel and should have a lower load. You could for example make a port 
>>redirect to another SIMPLE webserver that only serves one page: ACCESS 
>>DENIED with an explanation>>

I was thinking of doing a script that adds the proxy address to the 
.htaccess and then removes it after half hour. But as stated in a another 
thread the proxies the guy is using goes well into the hundreds.

how would the port redirect work? is this just the error document 404 in 
.htaccess? This would be futile with tools such as Goldeneye etc.

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