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Ken Risdon krisdon at westpeak.com
Mon Jun 17 16:28:17 GMT 2002

Grant -

I believe the address block - is a Class D
reserved block.  Similar to 10.x.x.x is a reserved class A block.  Usable by
anyone and not assignable.  This block is reserved for multi-casting
applications (i.e video and audio).

You might want to sniff your network to see if anyone was playing with
multi-cast applications (IGMP packets).  If it is not coming from within
your own network, have your provider block IGMP packets.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry the last email got away before I was done:

I have some idiot at (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) which
resolves to IANA which ends up at RIPE DBM, they (IANA) will do nothing to
help, attacking my mail server every second on IGMP, the firewall is
blocking OK but the logs are huge and it is just a pain. Does anyone know
how to get IANA to answer an email to find out who they gave the IP to so I
can get them to stop?? I am about ready to make a phone call to the
Authorities in The Kingdom of the Netherlands and pusue criminal action.

inetnum: -
netname:      IANA-DBLK
descr:        Whole Class D address space
country:      NL
admin-c:      RD132-RIPE
tech-c:       RD132-RIPE
remarks:      Country is really worldwide
remarks:      This address space is assigned at various other places in
remarks:      the world and might therefore not be in the RIPE database.
mnt-by:       RIPE-NCC-MNT
mnt-lower:    RIPE-NCC-MNT
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 20000802
source:       RIPE

role:         RIPE DBM
address:      Singel 258
address:      NL-1016 AB  Amsterdam
address:      Kingdom of the Netherlands
e-mail:       ripe-dbm at ripe.net
remarks:      RIPE Database Administration
trouble:      Documentation: http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/database.html
trouble:      FAQ: http://www.ripe.net/faq/database/index.html
trouble:      Questions and problem reports ... mailto:ripe-dbm at ripe.net
trouble:      spam, abuse reports .....  mailto:nicdb at ripe.net
admin-c:      JLSD1-RIPE
admin-c:      AMR68-RIPE
tech-c:       EG792-RIPE
tech-c:       SK15964-RIPE
tech-c:       MPK-RIPE
tech-c:       DW6465-RIPE
tech-c:       CB7777-RIPE
nic-hdl:      RD132-RIPE
mnt-by:       RIPE-DBM-MNT
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 19970115
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 19970923
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 19980211
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 19990118
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 19990727
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 19990909
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 20000101
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 20010717
changed:      ripe-dbm at ripe.net 20010810
source:       RIPE

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