[Dshield] Stumped by

Jonathan G. Lampe jonathan at stdnet.com
Mon Jun 17 17:29:10 GMT 2002

>I have some idiot at (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) which
>resolves to IANA which ends up at RIPE DBM, they (IANA) will do nothing to

FYI, IANA employees have a tendency to send copies of emails like this 
around with the one about the end user who thought the CD-ROM was a cupholder.

Personally, I'd use this incident to learn a little bit about the IPv4 
space...I think you'll see the address is a multicast address.  I 
can't tell you what content uses it, but I'd start with your userbase (the 
old "what's new here" tactic) first and then move to your upstream ISP 
before bothering IANA.

- Jonathan Lampe, GCIA, GSNA
- jonathan at stdnet.com

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