[Dshield] THANKSneed help

Wed Jun 19 04:36:43 GMT 2002

I have been having problem with hackers  for long time .but, since sep. 2001 it has been worst.
I had for while put  my computer away. and not use it . I may have wrote 20 different resume.
next thing either was deleted or the format changed. some times I get a extra folder on my email box(ex: under name of dog), and etc... any way things been very strange has happened with my computer. and it has made me very flustered. maybe about 20 times I had to reboot my computer. I had free downloaded alarm zone for, but sometime the  alert screen was getting deleted. to day, all day have been on the computer to found a good security for my computer. I came cross with dshield. I found out my computer has been cracked. thanks to you all. because no one would have believed me. even once I asked one of my cousin son that knows some about computer, he said your computer is ok. now, I know some people they have gotten to computer .I hope dshield
able to resolve this problem. also I would to request a help in setting up my alarms in a best way. I would like  
get information about who is safe to enter or not safe and etc.... I am not very good with computer terminology like ICP or Imcg and etc...Also I have down loaded other thing from dshield for example tiny personal firewall. but had to uninstall because did not know how to used them. when you  login in internet ,the screen ask you over 20x if msn with a different IP# & pot # to get in and etc. So if you can help me in this area and setting up ,I would be great full .At the end I would like complimenting dshield for their web site.


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