[Dshield] Possible virus

Wayne Larmon wlarmon at dshield.org
Thu Jun 20 19:11:45 GMT 2002

> > REPORT: Trapped poisoned executable "MercyMail at mindspring.com.vcf"
> It was a "hello, I'm new to this list" message. The reason it got
> trapped is it has a double extension (".com.vcf").
> Domain names shouldn't be used in filenames on Windows, it causes too
> much confusion.

Yeah, but '.com' is the file extension for an executable and has been ever
since CP/M used it in the late 1970's.  Microsoft borrowed the convention
for MS/DOS.  Domain names shouldn't use the same file extension as
executable files.

I'm still confused by all the RealAudio Player Media (RPM) files that Red
Hat has.  What's up with that?

Wayne Larmon
wlarmon at dshield.org

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