[Dshield] Possible virus

Clint Byrum cbyrum at erp.com
Thu Jun 20 19:16:06 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-06-20 at 12:11, Wayne Larmon wrote:
> Yeah, but '.com' is the file extension for an executable and has been ever
> since CP/M used it in the late 1970's.  Microsoft borrowed the convention
> for MS/DOS.  Domain names shouldn't use the same file extension as
> executable files.
> I'm still confused by all the RealAudio Player Media (RPM) files that Red
> Hat has.  What's up with that?

Now you're treading on dangerous ground. ;) This usually sparks the
heated debate on whether to take file extensions for what they are, or
require that programs inspect the content before deciding on whats

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