[Dshield] Ping??? DOS???? From DELL.COM

Bernd Loske bernd at loskeonline.net
Fri Jun 21 00:52:15 GMT 2002

I had that about 2 weeks ago, but after sending a complaint to
abuse at dell.com the probes immediately stopped. (I didn't get a response on
that either ...).

However, I got an almost immediate response to a (more serious) complaint
about two days later. So their abuse department seems to work.

-- Bernd

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I am getting pinged to death from the following IP's  I have emailed Dell's
admin and there is no response.  What is going on here? I have started to
block their IP's to see if it will help the utilization of my firewall.
This has been going on for almost 3 hours. Please help, my firewall is
showing the following denied entries...  (this is just a few)

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