[Dshield] Questions from list newbie

Russell Washington russ.washington at vaultsentry.com
Fri Jun 21 15:47:52 GMT 2002

RE this:

> I've also read something about if someone
> else on my ISP had my IP address and was using Kazaa before I signed 
> on, I could get hits to this port.  But, I have DSL and it's almost 
> always on. Wouldn't my IP address remain the same for the duration of 
> my connection?

"Almost always on" means its susceptible to change, at minimum, at the poitn
where it is turned off.

Also, as noted, some ISPs force address rotation on their DSL clients.

And finally, some "always on" DSL connections aren't really always on, folks
just think they are in spite of what they've been told.  Qwest has a
"dial-up DSL" service tier, and because it "dials up" so danged fast the
not-so-technically-saavy customer thinks it's "always on."

All this is to say, just as Antti said, that it all depends on your setup
and your ISP. :)

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