[Dshield] Is this normal?

Chris DeVoney chris_devoney at cybercritic.com
Sat Jun 22 18:16:39 GMT 2002

At 01:22 AM 6/22/2002 -0400, Mercy wrote:
>The firewall has blocked Internet access to 
><http://www.microsoft.com>www.microsoft.com ( (ICMP Time 
>Exceeded) from your computer.
>Occurred: 4 times between 6/21/02 5:27:16 PM and 6/21/02 5:28:02 PM
>I'm assuming that a microsoft program tried to look for updates?  Why did 
>it happen so many times?

Ah, enlightenment for the cost of a question.

If you are using XP, the AutoUpdate service periodically phones home to 
check for updates. It's smart enough only to try when an Internet 
connection exists. However, the program presumes that a network problem 
exists when something like ZoneAlarm steps on its request and continues to 
periodically retry.

You cannot disable the service; you can only disable the client. Check out 
this article for more information:


You can turn off the client and "do it manually" or let ZoneAlarm allow the 
activity. If you run Component Services

         Start - Administrative Tools - Component Services - Services (Local)

Right click on "Automatic Updates" in the services pane and select 
Properties. On the Property sheet you'll see the startup command, which is 
what you'll need to feed to ZoneAlarm to allow it to passthough the firewall.

If that doesn't do it for you, please always feel to ask.


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